The Garage is conveniently located from all points in the region via the Pontchartrain Expressway which has a direct ramp to Carondelet Street just three blocks away from the property.

As you make the turn from Carondelet Street into the property, a transmitter in your vehicle will notify the system that you’ve arrived and will send a lift to greet you.




An overhead monitor will direct you to the appropriate lift. The entire system is outfitted with a laser guidance system to ensure safety and reliability. When your vehicle is centered, the doors will close and the monitor will instruct you to put your vehicle in park and enjoy the ride! In case you were wondering, the lifts are 21 feet long, 9 feet wide, 10 feet tall and have a capacity of 8,000 pounds.




When you register your vehicles with the property, the system is programmed to know the exact location of your reserved parking spot.

In less than a minute, you’ll arrive on your floor and you’ll have the green light to exit and proceed to your reserved spot. Not to worry, your spot is oversized so you will have plenty of space for getting in and out of your vehicle.




The Garage is all about bringing suburban conveniences to urban living. Your parking spot is just a few steps from your front door!